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 A celebration of nature, humpy offers an invitation to pause and take in the surroundings. Meaning ‘rounded over’, humpy forms a protective embrace, a loving hug from nature. Humpy builds on a series of works designed to interrupt, bringing attention to details that may otherwise be overlooked.

Bianka designs immersive storytelling worlds for theatre, dance, children’s spaces, exhibitions and festivals and makes and paints scenery and props for film and theatre as well as being a visual artist working in sculpture and public art.

Bianka is a freelance artist, graduating in Live Design from Adelaide College of the Arts in 2018. She works between performing art and visual art. She is primarily concerned with how form, colour and composition are perceived and what can be expressed and evoked. Theatre design has influenced her storytelling and a desire to have an object become an experience. Her works in both visual art and the performing arts is the outcome of creating imagined worlds, or vingets of worlds. Materials and forms that perform in ways they are not meant to are also of interest as is material and process exploration and variety.


This sculpture was made possible by generous donations from the following Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail Patrons:




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