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Individuals have made financial contributions.

Families have joined together to commission an installation.

Businesses have donated toward beautiful sculptures and offered sponsorship of their services to assist the committee.

Grants have been awarded.

Volunteers have donated time and muscles.

Would you like to discuss the many options of becoming

a PATRON of the Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail?



Visit the Trail!

When you are planning your KI Trip, schedule in an extra 30 minutes before your ferry to stop at the Sculpture Trail for a wander.

Arts Policy

We have a guiding arts policy to assist our volunteer arts aquisiton committee on deciding future installations.

Submit an Idea!

You have a sculpture idea for the trail? We'd love to hear from you! Please email us and someone from our committee will be in touch.

Volunteer Ops 

We have regular working bees on the Trail. Contact us if you would like to join our crew of dedicated, fun-loving trailblazers!

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