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WIND RIDER - Deb Sleeman

The artwork reveals the heart of the community being held between the two halves, whilst allowing for the flow of energy and life. It holds a sense of space, connection and strength in which resilience and revitalisation can continue to grow within the community and the natural world.

The artwork, created from steel, bronze and LED lighting, acts as an iconic landmark through its vertical scale (5-6 metres tall), a symbol of a ‘beacon’, having an interplay of light during the day and evening illumination at night through a solar powered system. 


Karl has a reputation for bringing originality to his approach and through the physical form of sculpture, encourages engagement, interaction and curiosity.  His enthusiasm for art and design arises from a fascination with the evolution of ideas and how they influence people and the physical environment. Karl has blended his art practise with his proficiency as a designer over the past decade.


To learn more about Karl Meyer, visit


This installation was brought to life by the generous donations of Sarah Strong-Law's local, national and international friends, family and community - all of us whose lives and spirits have been shaped by her vitality, kindness and strength.

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